Primary School Project

According to Scripture Union, 95% of children in the UK don’t have any regular connection with Church.

YFC do a brilliant job of going into schools and running clubs etc but they can’t be everywhere... the local Church however, is in such a great position to be able to connect with local schools through assemblies, RE lessons and after-school clubs etc. Many Churches in Sunderland are already doing this, others have the desire but don’t know how to get started / or may struggle for ideas. This is where this new Primaries team will come in to be able to encourage, equip and support the local Church in this ministry area.

Over the course of the next few months, the team will begin to gather information regarding existing projects, make contact with local Churches to encourage them to think and pray about their local Primary schools as well as gathering a bank of resources to enable Churches to be better equipped for this ministry area.

The long term vision is to see more local Churches in Sunderland being connected to their local Primary schools, to reach and work with young people in Jesus name and for Local Churches to be connected to YFC for support, resourcing and advice when needed.

If you are a church leader you could helps by emailing (see below) us which schools you are involved with:

Charity Number: 1086635