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Easter prayer space is a fun, interactive and reflective 1 hour programme that takes place in the weeks leading up to the Easter holidays that enables children in primary schools to learn about the Easter story which is broken down into 7 separate parts. The children get to listen to the different parts of the story, ask questions and take part in a reflective activity.  The team will work in a local primary school for a day or more working with up to 30 pupils at a time.


The Easter story is a crucial part of the Christian faith.  The delivery of prayer spaces enables the school to have a quality interactive experience for children and young people to reflect on themselves and the Easter story and enables schools to help their children develop their spiritual wellbeing. 



This project is run in partnership with the local church in your area. Members of the Wearside Youth for Christ team and local church volunteers will come to provide information and support for the pupils to have the best experience they can.  The team would need a large space such as a school hall to deliver this programme effectively and would look to set up the night before.  If you would like to book a day or get more information then get in contact with us on. 

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