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Boot and Bottle

You will need: shoes (the young people use their own), and two chairs

Two teams are sat opposite each other on the floor, players are numbered one to how many is in the team. You set up two chairs at opposite ends of the room, but not too far apart, with an empty bottle (bigger the better) in the middle. Each player takes of their shoes. If their number is called out, they run to one of the chairs (make sure the team knows which chair is their chair to run to), stand on the chair, and throw the shoe at the empty bottle. If both players miss, they run across and swap chairs. This continues till a shoe hits the bottle and that team wins the point!

Great fun, but make sure safety is first through taking precautions like having a leader stand behind the chairs and that the middle is clear of people when shoes are being thrown.

Having spare shoes may come in handy in case they don’t want to take off their own.

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