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You will need: a pack of cards and spoons (one less than the amount of people playing)

This is a great game to get a group competitive whilst still being able to play sat round a table.

You will need to sort the cards before the game. Each player needs three cards. You will need to sort the cards into sets of three of each number (e.g. three 6s). Remember after sorting the cards to shuffle them.

Once each player has their cards, they can look at them. Then they will be asked to pass one of their cards to the player on their left and pick up the one from their right. This goes on and on until someone has three of the same card. They then have to grab one of the spoons in the centre of the table. Once this happens, everyone must grab a spoon. The person left without a spoon loses a life. Each player gets three lives, after which, they are out.

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