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Matthew Matthew

You will need: chairs

Players sit round in a circle. Players are labelled “Matthew”, “Mark”, “Luke”, “John” and then 1 to however many players are left. Everyone pats their legs in a steady pulse. The aim of this game is to pay attention and focused whose go it is. So Matthew could say, “Matthew Matthew, 6 6,” for example. Then 6 could say, “6 6, 4 4,” and 4 could then say, “4 4, Luke Luke.” This goes on until someone messes up their turn. Then they have to stand up and swap to the last seat, and everyone else has to shuffle up a seat. The names people are given stay with the seats rather than the players. So if Mark lost and moved to the back, Luke would shuffle up a chair and become Mark, John would now be Mark, 1 would be John, and so on. The aim is to get into “Heaven” which is Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

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